Rx ‘n Go is an Alternative Pharmacy Network.  Rx ‘n Go compliments the existing PBM provider. By offering Rx ‘n Go, self-insured employers can reduce cost and improve member benefits.

Rx ‘n Go Summary:

  • Offers a proprietary list of nearly 1,200 generic drugs for chronic conditions
  • Flat fee includes all shipping and handling as well as all administration, eligibility maintenance, billing, customer service and account management costs
  • Covers 50 chronic disease categories
  • Convenient delivery via mail to home or office
  • All US based solution, and
  • Provides savings to both employer and employee.

Rx ‘n Go Benefits:

  • Offered as an alternative and not a replacement of the existing PBM provider
  • Value based benefit that offer members an alternative/choice for where to fill their prescription
  • Fully transparent fixed fee pricing model that makes budgeting, tracking and communication easier
  • Improved utilization of more efficient and convenient mail order delivery
  • Integrates into the existing PBM/benefit consultants reporting structure
  • Creates a clear pathway for brand to generic conversion opportunities, and
  • Likely improved drug compliance for members with chronic conditions.

For more information contact:

Mort Jorgensen
630 928-7221

Rob Gilmore
630 928-7222